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About Me

Born In Brooklyn | Raised In Connecticut

 So here I am, writing about what inspires me to cook and why I love it so much. My deep love reminiscing on my childhood memories, traveling overseas, exposure to different life, cultures, traditions, leading me to who I am now with food.  I love sharing with my  family and friends. When I look at their faces after the first bite undeniably defines scrumptious and delicious. Come cook with me, tell me your story, lets nourish our souls  with euphoric eating, and rapturous delights, bienvenue!

Spices | Culture | Fusion

World Spices | Traditional Cooking  | Cultural Rituals | All Fused Together 

A Peek of Exotic Explosion In Your Mouth

Homemade Dehydrated Bread | No Flour | Caramelized Onions Dehydrated In Bread | Peppers | Chia Seeds | Spinach | Avocado | Feta Cheese | Blended Onions | To Perfection


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