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Carole the Artist

Carole was born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti, moved to the USA at age twelve. She joined  the Army reserve in 1984.  She has two daughters, one son and two grandsons.  Carole earned her Master's degree in Health Care Administration.  With her interest in art, she dabbled with ceramics, flower arrangements, baked and decorated cakes as a hobby.  She is a visionary and a self-taught painter.  Her art began in her late 50's.  She paints mainly with acrylics on canvas.  Carole believes her ability to transition her vision into art is a gift from God.

Her Inspiration | Beloved David

David, her grandson was born with Hunter's Syndrome a rare congenital condition which requires around-the-clock care.  Carole watched a funny affectionate little boy deteriorate right before her eyes.  This condition has taken a tremendous toll on her and her family.  Drifting into despair beyond her control she decided one day to start painting.  She paints and takes care of David no longer with sad thoughts as she uses her discovered abilities to cope.  Her paintings is an emotional outlet and a source of joy.  Her passion for painting is a reflection of her love for David. 

Studies | Hunter's Syndrome

 1 in 100,000 to 150,000 male births. Hunter Syndrome, or mucopolysaccharidosis type II (MPS II), is a lysosomal storage disease caused by a deficiency of the lysosomal enzyme iduronate-2-sulfatase (I2S). The lack of this enzyme causes heparan sulfate and dermatan sulfate to accumulate in all body tissues. 


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